AAF Flanders 2020 Product Catalog

We are happy to introduce the latest updates to our product catalog. The new version of our catalog now features even more industry information, technical information, and, of course, new and updated product information.  
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Ideal for Pharmaceutical, Life Science, and Healthcare Applications

eFRM Media (Expanded FluoroResin Membrane) is the next generation HEPA filtration technology, designed specifically for applications where oil-based test aerosols (i.e. PAO) are utilized or fine particulate (i.e. Hydrocarbons) are present. This patented HEPA filtration media provides superior mechanical performance at significantly lower energy cost while maintaining the most stringent filtration requirements in these demanding environments.

Superior Strength and Durability

Filter failure can occur throughout many different aspects, including manufacturing, transport, and installation. Additionally, unintended contact during leak scanning of the filters during testing & certification and/or as a result of facility cleaning can also lead to filter failure. These failure modes can be mitigated with the use of a high mechanical strength durable media, such as eFRM. Use of eFRM impacts sustainability in manufacturing, shipping & handling, testing, and cleaning.


84x the Tensile Strength of Microglass


Abrasion Resistance 100x
Higher than Microglass


6x the Burst Pressure of Microglass

Why MEGAcel® eFRM II is the Right Choice

MEGAcel® II eFRM HEPA filters employ the industry’s first PAO-compatible membrane media. It outperforms to comparable traditional microglass alternatives, providing superior strength and durability at approximately ½ the resistance. This durable media is proven to deliver superior performance, outclassing its competition in the most stringent of applications.

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Lower Pressure Drop = Energy Savings!

eFRM media has a lower pressure drop, reducing energy consumption. eFRM filters operate at about half the pressure drop of a similar microglass filter, and every Pascal saved equates to approximately $1 in energy savings ($100 per every 0.4" of static). This reduction, ~ 50%, in resistance results in approximately the same reduction in energy consumption.

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